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仮面ライダー Season 13 Episode 32 : Intertwined Threads
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Title:Kamen Rider
Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Air Date: 2003-08-31
Season Number: 13
Episodes Number: 32
Overview: As Masato is about to deliver the rider kick, Mari intervenes. Takumi gets there just in time to save her by blocking the kick with his bike. Takuma tries to steal the Delta gear from Kitizaki. Mari arranges to meet with Aki again. However, before she does Takumi meets him. Aki tells Takumi that Mari is the only one who can help him become human again. When Mari arrives she is attached by Saeko's Orphenoch assassin again. As Takumi battles him he encourages Aki to take Mari to safety. After saving her again Aki punches her hard enough to send her flying into a building. She is hospitalized. Naoya and Keitaro manage to save a child from a fire. Masato makes Yuji believe that it was Takumi that injured Mari.
Stars: Kento Handa (Takumi Inui / Kamen Rider Faiz), , Atsushi Harada (Shuji Mihara), , Yuria Haga (Mari Sonada), , Kohei Murakami (Masato Kusaka),