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仮面ライダー Season 13 Episode 33 : Mari Dies
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Title:Kamen Rider
Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Air Date: 2003-09-07
Season Number: 13
Episodes Number: 33
Overview: Masato continues to blame Takumi for Mari's injuries. He believes Takumi's soft attitude about Orphenochs lead to Mari being injured. Takumi and Yuji decide to meet up again to fight. This time they fight until both are exhausted. Kitazaki tries to join in the fight as Delta but both Yuji and Takumi make it clear that this is a fight between the two of them. Kitazaki decides to fight the winner. Kitazaki is losing interest in the Delta gear. After telling Itsuro that he threw the belt away, he gives it to Aki. Takumi decides he no longer has the right to be Faiz and gives the Faiz belt to Keitaro. Both the Delta belt and the Faiz belt both end up being given to Masato.
Stars: Kento Handa (Takumi Inui / Kamen Rider Faiz), , Atsushi Harada (Shuji Mihara), , Yuria Haga (Mari Sonada), , Kohei Murakami (Masato Kusaka),