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仮面ライダー Season 13 Episode 45 : King's Awakening
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Title:Kamen Rider
Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Air Date: 2003-11-30
Season Number: 13
Episodes Number: 45
Overview: After Yuka's death, a devastated Keitaro cries and mourns over Yuka. Kiba sees Yuka's dead body and thinks the humuns killed her. Takumi talks with Keitaro and Mari about Yuka. Then the King shows up and kill the man in rage. During a fight with the Bat Orphnoch, Faiz assumes his Axel Form and defeats the Bat Orphnoch, then Kiba changes into Horse Orphnoch and kills the police in a berserk rage and takes the throne of the President.
Stars: Kento Handa (Takumi Inui / Kamen Rider Faiz), , Atsushi Harada (Shuji Mihara), , Yuria Haga (Mari Sonada), , Kohei Murakami (Masato Kusaka),