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仮面ライダー Season 13 Episode 47 : King's Appearance
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Title:Kamen Rider
Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Air Date: 2003-12-14
Season Number: 13
Episodes Number: 47
Overview: After being mortally wounded by Faiz, Kaixa, and Delta's attacks, Murakami offers his life to the Orphenoch King. Smart Lady arrives summoning Masato and Takumi to Smart Brain Headquarters to meet the new President. Along with Shuji, they are shocked to discover that it is Yuji. Yuji catches up with Naoya. The Lucky Clover ambush Takumi and they start to fight when six men in identical suits, Naoya among them, appear and transform into a new mysterious foe using Smart Brain-emblazoned belts. Together they attack Faiz.
Stars: Kento Handa (Takumi Inui / Kamen Rider Faiz), , Atsushi Harada (Shuji Mihara), , Yuria Haga (Mari Sonada), , Kohei Murakami (Masato Kusaka),