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仮面ライダー Black RX
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Title:Kamen Rider
Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Air Date: 1988-10-23
Season Number: 9
Total Episodes: 47
Overview: Hongo Takeshi is a promising young man with a passion for motorcycle racing. However, his dreams are suddenly ruined when he gets kidnapped by Shocker, the evil secret organisation planning to dominate the world. After being remodeled into a cyborg, Takeshi escapes and swears to protect the world from the inhuman monsters.
Stars: Hideyoshi Kan (Ace Ukiyo), Ryuga Sato (Keiwa Sakurai), Yuna Hoshino (Neon Kurama), Kazuto Mokudai (Michinaga Azuma), Kokoro Aoshima (Tsumuri), Shugo Oshinari (Guillory)

All Episodes on season 9

Bio Rider!

Episode 17 : Bio Rider!

February 26, 1989
Shadow Moon!

Episode 22 : Shadow Moon!

April 02, 1989
Defeated! RX

Episode 43 : Defeated! RX

August 27, 1989
Fight! All Riders

Episode 44 : Fight! All Riders

September 03, 1989